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IDG Contributor Network: No IPO, debt funding instead. Intacct gets some fuel

Cloud ERP vendor Intacct last week announced that it has secured debt funding by way of a $ 40 million facility from Silicon Valley Bank. This comes at the same time as Intacct announced year-on-year new bookings increasing by some 34 percent.

Intacct has an interesting job in front of it — it is a mid-market vendor and therefore fills the space between tools designed for small and mid-sized businesses (QuickBooks and Xero, for example) and more enterprise-focused tools such as NetSuite, SAP, and Oracle. The mid-market space is a difficult one — customers have a plethora of different requirements and often the complexity, if not the budgets, are similar to those of larger enterprise organizations.

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When It Comes To Protecting Yourself From Hackers, Do As Affleck’s Batman Would Do: Overreact

Earlier this week I wrote a piece suggesting readers to change their email passwords and, if they hadn’t, sign up for two-step verification for extra security. That was in response to a Reuters report that hackers have stolen the passwords to 273 million email accounts belonging to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Russian internet service provider

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Cloud coding pitfalls: Tips for avoiding big, bad bugs

According to this ACM article, the seven coding constructs that have been the most frequent source of bugs are function calls, assignments, conditions, pointers, uses of NULL, variable declarations, function declarations, and return statements. There are dozens of other conference presentations, books, and taxonomies that provide statistically valid guidance — or at least opinions — on coding practices to avoid.

But so far, I haven’t found anything like that for coding in the cloud.

And make no mistake about it, the distributed, multi-language environment inherent in the cloud presents some real coding challenges. But before we nerd out entirely, let’s do a bit of bug triage. There are three interesting categories of bugs:

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Apple Music subscriptions will be way cheaper for students

Apple is offering students a 50 percent discount on subscription plans for its Music streaming service, reports TechCrunch. The discounted rates will be available to students in select universities and colleges in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand starting today. That brings down the cost of a subscription to $ 4.99 in the US and £4.99 in the UK. These plans will be available for up to four years from the day students sign up, though they don’t have be continuous. In addition, they’re also open to existing subscribers. As prices for Apple Music plans vary by country, there…

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Talent Tech Labs Signs HireNurses on the Cusp of Nurses Week

HireNurses is Growing to Combat Nursing Shortage

(PRWeb May 05, 2016)

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EMC’s latest VCE nodes aim to make clouds easy

One way to get enterprises and service providers to adopt cloud infrastructure is to make it easier to set up and use. That’s what EMC is doing with Neutrino, a new type of hardware-software node for the VCE VxRack platform.

The VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino nodes can run any workload on any node in the rack, and on any of several cloud software stacks. If OpenStack is best for one job, Hadoop is best for another, and VMware Photon is ideal for a third application, each can run on the appropriate stack. As long as there’s capacity somewhere in the rack, it doesn’t matter where each is hosted.

“It allows any of the hardware in the nodes to be provisioned to any software stack,” said Jeremy Burton, EMC’s president of products and marketing. This will help enterprises and service providers deliver IaaS (infrastructure as a service) to their users and customers.

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