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These brands are living April Fools’ Day with zest to the bitter end



April Fools’ Day is a fun, low-key holiday full of well-crafted pranks that never fail to entertain.

Sorry, that’s not actually true. April Fools! 

The day has actually been so overrun with half-baked marketing stunts from every corner of the corporate universe that the Internet has pretty much come to a consensus that this is a garbage holiday filled with dull lies and awkward fumbles toward humor.

That’s not to say that a few brands aren’t able to rise above the fray every year and pull off some truly clever hijinks. 

Google, for one, has been famous for its yearly pranks since the early days of the company —though this year it was forced to pull one after an embarrassing backfire, proving that even the most practiced brands can’t always get it right. Read more…

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Samsung Pay launches in China and Singapore



SINGAPORE — Samsung has announced a spate of mobile payments services in Asia, with the most fanfare given to its tap-to-pay Samsung Pay service opening in China

At the same time, Singaporeans will get a more limited — but certainly crucial part of the mobile payment picture — deployment, allowing them to tap and pay in buses and subway trains here.

Samsung’s announcement is China is huge. It’s about a month-and-a-half later than arch rival, Apple, in the world’s largest smartphone market, and will allow users to pay at checkout counters that support China UnionPay, the country’s interbank network, that has a reported 5 million contactless point-of-sale terminals in China. Read more…

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