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This company is opening a virtual reality multiplex this fall



Los Angeles is set to become home to a very futuristic theater experience this fall, as “new location-based virtual reality venture” Dreamscape Immersive launches a VR multiplex in the city in September.

Using technology based on medical imaging and body mechanics, the start-up is building an interactive experience where you don’t just go to the movies, you get up and move in and out of the situation on screen and interact with the content and others watching alongside.

In a Monday news release about funding for the VR theater project, producer Kevin Wall explained Dreamscape as a fourth option or watching platform. Read more…

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Report: BMW X3 diesel emissions exceed EU regulations, company stock falls



The reverberation of the Volkswagen tailpipe emissions scandal is still being felt across the industry, pulling other brands under the harsh light of scrutiny.

According to a report out from Germany’s Auto Bild, the Nitrous Oxide (NOx) tailpipe emissions of BMW’s X3 diesel compact crossover exceed European regulations. In fact, the car’s respiratory-harming NOx emissions exceeded future Euro 6 emissions levels — set to go into effect in 2017 — by as much as 11 times.

The report is based upon tests performed in October, 2014, by the International Council on Clean Transport (ICCT), the independent nonprofit focused on clean energy that originally discovered VW’s emissions cheating. Read more…

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