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IDG Contributor Network: Open Container Initiative addresses Docker, CoreOS image problem

The Open Container Initiative (OCI), a Linux Foundation Project, has finally decided to address one of the biggest criticisms of Docker containers — lack of an open, standard container image format. In response to market demands, OCI has created a container image format specification project to create standard specs. The project is hosted on GitHub.

It’s a positive outcome of the pressure CoreOS has been putting on Docker and OCI to address issues like security, naming and an open image format. Docker’s reluctance to address these issues lead CoreOS to come out with their own solutions — rkt (“rocket”), an alternative of Docker and App Container (appc) specs.

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Docker containers vs. OpenStack clouds

Matt Asay has a smart piece over on InfoWorld about some ongoing struggles with OpenStack, as evidenced by Red Hat’s most recent earnings call.

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It begs the question: Are containers to blame?

Here’s Asay:

As big as the community behind OpenStack has been, [Red Hat CEO Jim] Whitehurst declared Docker the “single biggest topic that comes up among … [Red Hat’s] leading [customers].” In fact, Whitehurst noted that he hears more from customers about Docker than OpenStack.

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